Pay it Forward contest

PayI t Forward with Chops Meat Market facebook contestChops is doing this contest a little differently, it’s Christmas and the time of year we all try to remember someone else, something we all know should be done year round but with busy lives don’t always remember to do! The contest will still be for Likes & Shares but This Time Review on our Review Spot Will be Included for the Draw as Well! The contest will be from now Until Dec 14th close of business for Likes, Shares & Reviews for our $50 Chops Gift Certificate redeemable for your shopping at Chops!

Everyone could use a turkey so we are having the in-store receipt draw for a Free ‘A’Turkey… just sign your receipt with name and phone number and give to the cashier serving you at the time! As part of the ‘Pay It Forward Theme’ the winners of either the turkey or the $50 Gift Certificate will be able to give the name and phone number of a person or family to win the same thing! So if you are one of the winners, you get to ‘Pay it Forward’ to someone of your choosing!

When I was young, a very good friend with a family of his own to look after gave me money for Christmas and I never forgot that, I am sure money was tight as well as Christmas being a strain on everyone’s budget! One of our favourite customers Laura, who complimented our staff for carrying her groceries out in the rain one day, actually takes our carts in when she has a moment to help the staff out when its busy, she pays it forward without even thinking about it and this is where we got the idea! Chops has Fantastic Customers and I am sure Everyone of us can think of someone who could use a kind act all year so Chops decided we would like to not just have a contest but to provide a nice gesture for someone else of your choosing! Please post your Likes and Shares on our Facebook page so they are easy to find!