Chops Flyer June 6 2019

This week at Chops Meat Market we have some Amazing Deals

  • Inside Round Beef Roast $3.48/lb.
  • T-Bone Steaks $6.98/lb.
  • Bone In Striploin Steaks $8.98/lb.
  • Lean Ground Beef 10/lb. Bags $3.48/lb.
  • Boneless Stew Beef Family Packs $3.98/lb.
  • Beef Stirfry Strips $4.48/lb.
  • Fresh Ground Chicken $4.448/lb.
  • Pork Tavern Ribs $2.48/lb.
  • Fresh Family Pack Chicken Thighs $2.08/lb.
  • Grade ‘A’ Ducks $3.48/lb.
  • And Many More Deals in Store!

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