Honest Customer

Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 8.42.20 AMNot very Often We Hear This but It Happened at our Store and We Just have to Let Everyone Know Who Our Customers are! One Night 1 of our Cashiers was Frantic because She was Short $50 on her Till. A Short Time Later Marcus Called into the Store and Asked if we were Missing Money with any of the Registers, we told him, ‘Yes, $50’. Marcus said ‘ I thought that may have happened at Chops, when I counted my Money I had $50 too much! The new Bills must have Stuck Together as our Cashier was counting his Change. Marcus came into the Store and Returned the $50! There is so much Negative Out there, I thought we should Share the Fact that there are some really Good People in the World, and a lot of them are Chops Customers! Marcus is one of those People who deserves a ‘Big Thank You from Chops! So, Thank You Marcus!