GD Meat Market Open!

We are so pleased to announce that GD Meat Market just opened it’s doors on October 2, 2019!   The owner Shelley is happy to welcome both new and old customers to her location at 1 Wright Avenue in Burnside!    Shelley has been working in the wholesale retail trade for the last 20 years and this location has her really excited…..

GD Meat Market is a small locally owned Butcher Shop carrying fresh haddock, salmon & mussels delivered daily.     We also have a full meat counter stocked with many cuts of beef, pork & chicken.  If you are looking for a special cut you can call the store and have it cut ahead or ask for one of the butchers while you are instore.

Yes we do freezer orders! The freezer orders are posted on our website and facebook pages and are updated regularly

Produce is one of our biggest sellers in the store, we are making changes and interested in what our customers want so please let Shelley know if you want an item we don’t already carry, she will check to see if its available to her

Shelley & Staff would love to see you in, Look for her, she’s the redhead with the glasses on top of her head working in any department!