GD Meat Market Nov 21, 2019

GD Meat Market Flyer November 21, 2019

This week at GD Meat Market Shelley has Fantastic Deals!

  • Fresh picnic roasts $.98lb.
  • Field Cukes $.58 each
  • Fresh Chicken Legs $1.26lb.
  • Kiwi $.38 each
  • Limes $.28 each
  • Bone In Striploin $6.98/lb.
  • Beef Tenderloin $14.98lb.
  • T-Bone Steaks $5.98/lb. Family Pack
  • Boneless Stew Beef $3.98lb. Family Pack
  • Bananas$.58/lb.
  • Beets $.58/lb.
  • 10/lb. Bags of Potatoes $3.88
  • Buttercup & Butternut Squash $.98/lb.
  • Local Green Cabbage $.68lb.
  • Nappa Cabbage $.58lb.

Our Goal is to provide Great Food at Fantastic Prices!   Stop by and say Hello, have a look around and grab a free cup of coffee while you shop!