GD Meat Market Feb 13, 2020

GD Meat Market Flyer Feb, 13 2020

This week at GD we have fresh lean ground beef on for $2.98/lb., since we had so many weather issues we are running fresh chicken legs again this week at .98/lb., they are arriving Friday and if you want us to put some aside, just private message us to tell us how many and when you want to pick up, hopefully the weather will co-operate this week but we are Canadian and it is winter!

Our produce department has expanded the lines it is carrying and customers are telling us they love the  changes, this week we have artichokes back, guava both regular and pink, lemongrass, ground cherries, coconuts and red sweet potatoes!    Its difficult enough to keep the family eating healthy so we have to try and make it interesting by providing something different.

Stay safe with winter travel and hope to see you at GD!