Flyer May 31 2018

Hello everybody!

Wow! Combo pork loin chops on  for just $1.48/lb!  Doesn’t get much better than that, and what a great time to stock up on some Pork back ribs this weeks its on for 2.88/lb!! We also have great deals on the following Top sirloin grilling steak at 6.48 / lb , Sirloin Beefeaters at 6.98 / lb and some beautiful cap steaks at a price of 5.98 / lb !!

And for one of our lead items we have Frozen Miscut Chicken Legs in 5kg boxes for just $6.98 per box that’s just $.64/lb so shop early this item practically flies out of the store!

If you’re looking for a quick little lunch for the kids we have Kraft dinner for only .98 / box! or you could have some 591ml Powerade on a hot day for also .98 /  ea!

Limes are on for $.18/lb!! And you can pick up some local 5lb carrots for 2.98 each, which makes for a healthy snack , lunch or after school for the kids! Easy to stay on budget at Chops Meat Market!