Flyer May 24 2018

Chops Meat Market Flyer May 24 2018

Another hot deal week at Chops Meat Market! T-bones are at an amazing price of 5.98/lb, We also have fresh Scallops for 14.98/lb, these deals are so great, why not buy a few more and stock up!!  At Chops this week we have we have tavern ribs for only 1.88/lb. and don’t forget the Brother’s pepperoni in stock at  4.78/lb!

In our Produce Department we are featuring brussel sprouts for .98/lb, green onions are on special at .48/ea,  a couple more Lead items we have for Produce includes the following, Hot house tomatoes .48 / lb, Turnips .38/lb, 10 pound white potatoes for 2.48, and finally some Ida red apples for only  1.98 for a 3lb bag! You can feed your family real food and you can always stay on a budget with good quality food at Chops Meat Market……

why not try some Tancook sauerkraut for 2.68/900g!

Make sure you grab the 4 liters of milk just $5.58 each……..    its hard to beat the deals at Chops Meat Market in Dartmouth!