Cooking Instructions

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Here are the cooking instructions for our $.79 Strawberry/Rhubarb Crumbles!  We have Peach, Blueberry & Cherry Crumbles on at $1.99 and these are a fantastic price as well!  Nothing better than to walk in a house and have something in the oven baking!   This is a frozen unbaked item, do not thaw/defrost before baking just pop right in the oven.   1. Preheat oven: Conventional Oven 375 Degrees/Convection Oven 325 Degrees F  2. Using a sharp knife carefully remove shrink warp and place frozen pies on lined bake sheets. Carefully loosen streusel crumb topping using a fork.  3. Bake approximately 60 – 65 minutes (50 – 55 minutes convection) or until streusel topping is uniformly golden brown.  4. Allow to cool thoroughly before slicing or packing so it stays intact!