Chops Flyer Oct 11 2018

Chops Meat Market Flyer October 11, 2018

This week at Chops Meat Market we have Boneless Pork Sirloin Roast for $1.98/lb as our lead item with Boneless Pork Sirloin Chops for $2.48/lb.  Its hard to make the choices at Chops as there are so many in the Meat Department this week, a customer favourite is the Tavern Ribs at just $1.98 and the recently added Fresh Pork Burgers and Meatballs for $2.88/lb.  

If you are planning an Italian meal, Chops has you covered as well with the Borrelli Fine Family of Product Line, be it diced tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, strained tomatoes, no salt, Chops Meat Market brings them in.   Borrelli’s has large variety of pasta at Chops as well, spaghetti, fettucine, scooby doo, penne and elbows pasta all reasonably priced, their 1/lb packs are on for $1.68 each.

If you are the adventurous type in the kitchen and want to serve a pasta that is more authentic, Borrelli’s has their Artisan Pasta which Chops has decided to carry.   The Artisan Pastas consist of Mafaldine, Orecchiette, and Strozzapretti to name a few.  With the availability of tried and true recipes on the web, the only limits are your imagination!

An unbelievably healthy food, or a hidden gem is squash.  Beta-carotene is the star in squash, providing powerful antioxidants. The colorful hues in squash and other vegetables hint at this attribute, which is important for blocking and zapping harmful free radical activity. This nutrient turns into vitamin A in the body, which is another desirable benefit for healthy skin, bones, vision, and immunity from disease and infection, as quoted on Dr. Mercola’s site.  Dr. Mercola

Local Squash is featured this week at Chops, both Butternut and Buttercup are on for $.28/lb and that’s hard to beat for healthy foods to feed your family.  As we all know the less you do to ‘real food’ the better the food is for your family.    A well known Chef right in Halifax once told me, ‘simpler is always better’.  Squash is wonderful in soups and pasta, easy to make and a little research can provide you with some new ideas for your meal planning.

Local Cortland Apples at $.58/lb and you have just another healthy snack for your kids after school and if you have some extra time, why not try a homemade dessert the kids will love? Link to Mom Loves Baking Chocolate Turtle Apple Slices

Just some of the Featured Specials we have at Chops Meat Market this week, see you there!