Chops Flyer May 9, 2019

Flyer May 9, 2019

Open Victoria Day Regular Hours!

Ready for Mom’s Special Day?   Chops is featuring fresh Salmon Steaks for just $6.98/lb. this week and our Customers just can’t get enough of the T-Bone Steaks for just $6.98/lb. so check our posts on Facebook if you would like to check out how to cook the best steaks for the price!   Chops makes feeding your friends and family affordable and we are Burnsides’ first Retail Meat Shop, so easy to stop by on your way home……..

Fresh Strawberries just $1.78 for a 1/lb. container and although you probably won’t do anything but eat the first few, great time to prepare some homemade jam to serve with warm biscuits out of the oven or just cream and sugar in a bowl!

Lots of great specials on store this week so stop by and check out the Specials!