Chops Flyer June 14 2018

Chops Meat Market Flyer June 14, 2018

This week at Chops Fresh Chicken Legs are our Featured item at just $.98/lb and who doesn’t love these for a Fast, Easy, Inexpensive Meal?  Looking for new Ideas?  Just click the link below!

Bless This Mess Chicken Legs Recipe

Butter at $3.18 per pound is a feature item again this week and freezing a few extra pounds of Atlantic Salted Butter is a great way to have a few extra on hand for the busy weekends!

Shelley is back at Chops after an absence working for another division and she is loving the deals!  Gary has a $.98 Specials Section in our ad this week so very little money will fill your cart fast at Chops Meat Market

With Fathers Day coming up, in addition to the great items in the ad, we have Gift Cards for 6% off this week so if you purchase on the way in, you are saving an additional 6% on any items you purchase on your grocery list!

Enjoy the rest of your week and Thank You for Shopping at Chops!