Chops Flyer August 16 2018

Chops Meat Market Flyer Aug 16, 2018

Another hot deal week at Chops Meat Market! Top Sirloin grilling steak and Cap Steaks are now 4.98/lb while the Sirloin Beefeater is 5.98/lb- We finally have fresh Ground lamb in so it’s a great time to put a few extra in the freezer as its difficult to get for our customers! ¬†This week we have 2kg bags of sugar at an amazing price of 2.38. We also have Brother’s pepperoni in stock at ¬†4.88/lb!

This week we have an English cucumber for .68/ea, Local corn on the cob for 3.98/dz, Local Green Peppers and much more Local vegetables! our Local mini potato price is 2.48 per 5 pounds! also featuring 10-pound bags of Local new potatoes for 3.98! Bananas are still at a low price of .68 per pound, come on in before we sell out!! You can feed your family real food and you can always stay on a budget with good quality food at Chops Meat Market……

Dempster Bagels are in this week for 2.98 with a bunch of different varieties, Our main special this week are the Fresh Local Muscles! Pork Tavern Ribs on sale for 1.98/lb. and why not try some Tancook sauerkraut for 2.68/900g!

Make sure you grab the 4 litres of milk just $5.58 each…….. it’s hard to beat the deals at Cuts Meat Market in Wolfville!