Chops Flyer Apr 26 2018

Chops Meat Market Flyer April 26, 2018

Hot House Tomatoes at Chops Meat Market this week for just $.68/lb and – Bonus! – they are local! Just in case its a BBQ Weekend, Chops also has Med Ground Beef for $3.18/lb and Larsen 450g Wieners for at an unbelievable price of $2.48!

If Mom loves serving reasonably priced roasts for a Sunday Family Dinner, Chops has Cross Rib Roasts on for $2.98/lb and Triple AAA Whole Tenderloin for $9.98/lb………   if you prefer Steaks already cut they are on for a fabulous price of $10.98/lb!

Also in our produce department at Chops Meat Market, we have local English Cukes for just $.48 each, we have been buying these for the last few weeks as they are sooo low in price, low in calories and they are welcome in your Keto Diet!  One of the healthiest, and easiest snack are bananas, they are on for $.48/lb this week.

Many other low prices instore, making it easier to shop for healthy reasonably priced meals at Chops!