Ad Campaign Mar 31 2016

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 9.21.59 PMSo Many Great Deals this week at Chops!   Lean Ground Beef 2.98/lb Limit of 4 Per Family, White Potatoes 10/lb on for just $1.38 per Bag and a Limit of 6 Per Family…….  great start for a Barbecue and your next choice for the Meat, we have Chicken Legs just $1.18/lb and Sirloin Tip Roast just $3.98/lb…..  If you have never tried Roasted Peppers on the BBQ Michael has them on at Chops along with the other Produce Deals for just $1.98/lb so Enter the Contests on Facebook and Twitter to Win a $50 Gift Certificate and Get BBQ’ing!