Flyer May 17 2018

Chops Meat Market Flyer May 17 2018

Mussels once again at Chops Meat Market this week for just $1.58/lb , due to popular demand we have increased our stock and even brought in some haddock for 3.48/lb and – Bonus! – they are local!  Just in case its a BBQ Weekend, Chops also has Med Ground Beef for $2.88/lb and Larsen 900g Wieners for at an unbelievable price of $4.48!

Our Customers love the AAA Beef Tenderloin so much we have it again for $9.98/lb Whole Tenderloin ( limit of 6 per family so we have lots in stock for our Customers  and $10.98/lb AAA Beef Tenderloin Steaks…….

If your feeling some chicken we have amazing  priced Miscut chicken legs for only 6.98 for a 11 pound box!! Triple AAA Whole Tenderloin for $9.98/lb are also back………   if you prefer Steaks already cut they are on for a fabulous price of $10.98/lb!

Also in our produce department at Chops Meat Market, we have bananas for just $.48 each, One of our top sellers in the produce department are Red seedless grapes and they’re only at just .98 / lb, Ida red apples are also on sale for 1.98 / 3lbs , perfect for a healthy snack!

Many other low prices instore, making it easier to shop for healthy reasonably priced meals at Chops!